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Sep 23

Joffrey Lupul : 23-Sep-83
Date Acquisition
23-Sep-69Allan Stanley retired
23-Sep-75Terry Murray signed as a free agent
23-Sep-88Tony Horacek demoted
23-Sep-88Dave Hanson demoted
23-Sep-88Jeff Harding demoted
23-Sep-88Pat Bingham demoted
23-Sep-88Warren Harper demoted
23-Sep-88Mark Maroste demoted
23-Sep-88Mark Freer demoted
23-Sep-88Mike Murray demoted
23-Sep-88Dan Shea demoted
23-Sep-88Brock Kelly demoted
23-Sep-88Michael Boyce demoted
23-Sep-88Gord Paddock demoted
23-Sep-88Shawn Sabol demoted
23-Sep-88Mike Stothers demoted
23-Sep-93Jarrod Daniel sent back to juniors
23-Sep-93Bob Wilkie demoted
23-Sep-93Denis Metlyuk called up
23-Sep-93Tommy Soderstrom signed (4 yrs)
23-Sep-98Gary Coupal released
23-Sep-02Thierry Douville sent back to juniors
23-Sep-02Martin St. Pierre released
23-Sep-02Antero Niittymaki demoted
23-Sep-02Dave Stathos demoted
23-Sep-02Ian Forbes demoted
23-Sep-02David Harlock demoted
23-Sep-02Dan Peters demoted
23-Sep-02Wade Skolney demoted
23-Sep-02Brad Tiley demoted
23-Sep-02Jim Vandermeer demoted
23-Sep-02Jack Baker demoted
23-Sep-02Landon Bathe demoted
23-Sep-02Eric Betournay demoted
23-Sep-02Craig Brunel demoted
23-Sep-02Kirby Law demoted
23-Sep-02Mike Lephart demoted
23-Sep-02Ian MacNeil demoted
23-Sep-02Mike Siklenka demoted
23-Sep-02Jeff Smith demoted
23-Sep-02Ben Stafford demoted
23-Sep-02Pete Vandermeer demoted
23-Sep-02Matt Zultek demoted
23-Sep-06Oskars Bartulis signed (3 yr)
23-Sep-15Travis Konecny sent back to juniors
23-Sep-15Ivan Provorov sent back to juniors
23-Sep-15Travis Sanheim sent back to juniors
23-Sep-15Nick Lukko demoted
23-Sep-15Pavel Padakin demoted
23-Sep-15Brandon Alderson demoted
23-Sep-15Mark Alt demoted
23-Sep-15Cole Bardreau demoted
23-Sep-15Tyrell Goulbourne demoted
23-Sep-15Maxim Lamarche demoted
23-Sep-15Taylor Leier demoted
23-Sep-15Danick Martel demoted
23-Sep-15Derek Mathers demoted
23-Sep-15Sam Morin demoted
23-Sep-15Jesper Pettersson demoted
23-Sep-15Anthony Stolarz demoted
23-Sep-15Petr Straka demoted
23-Sep-15Connor Knapp demoted
23-Sep-15Martin Ouellette demoted
23-Sep-15Michael Parks demoted
23-Sep-15Logan Pyett demoted
23-Sep-15Jay Rosehill demoted

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