Playoff Gordie Howe Hattricks

Date Score Player Penalty Goals Assists
25-Apr-76Toronto Maple Leafs 3 - Flyers 7Don Saleski5:00 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
9-Apr-80Edmonton Oilers 1 - Flyers 5Paul Holmgren5:00 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
17-May-80Flyers 2 - New York Islanders 6Mike Busniuk5:00 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
8-Apr-81Quebec Nordiques 4 - Flyers 6Paul Holmgren5:00 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
22-Apr-81Calgary Flames 4 - Flyers 9Glen Cochrane5:00 Fighting (maj)11boxscore
9-May-85Quebec Nordiques 2 - Flyers 4Joe Paterson5:00 Fighting (maj) 12boxscore
14-May-87Flyers 4 - Montreal Canadiens 3Scott Mellanby5:00 Fighting (maj) 11boxscore
15-Apr-12Pittsburgh Penguins 4 - Flyers 8Claude Giroux5 Fighting (maj)11boxscore

Note : penalties listed only as `5` are only known to be major penalties and may not be for fighting

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