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Jun 24

Michael Del Zotto : 24-Jun-90
Date To Flyers Other Team From Flyers
24-Jun-012002 4th Rounder (Rosario Ruggeri)Calgary FlamesDean McAmmond
24-Jun-012001 4th Rounder (transferred to Carolina - Rob Zepp) , 2001 5th Rounder(Jussi Timonen) & 2001 7th Rounder (Thierry Douville)Nashville Predators2001 4th Rounder(Jordin Tootoo)
24-Jun-012002 3rd Rounder (transferred back to Carolina - Jesse Lane)Carolina Hurricanes2001 4th Rounder (Rob Zepp)
24-Jun-012002 3rd Rounder (transferred to Vancouver - Brett Skinner)Tampa Bay Lightning2001 4th Rounder (Aaron Lobb), 2001 5th Rounder (Paul Lynch) & 2001 7th Rounder (Dennis Packard)
24-Jun-012002 7th Rounder (Mathieu Brunelle)Tampa Bay Lightning2001 8th Rounder(Jean-Francois Soucy), 2002 9th Rounder (John Toffey)
24-Jun-062006 3rd Rounder (Jonathan Matsumoto) + 2006 4th Rounder (Jakub Kovar) Montreal Canadiens2006 3rd Rounder (Ryan White)
24-Jun-08Janne NiskalaNashville PredatorsTriston Grant + 2009 7th rounder
24-Jun-162016 1st rounder (German Rubtov) + 2016 2nd Rounder ()Winnipeg Jets2016 1st Rounder (Logan Stanley) + 2016 3rd Rounder ()
24-Jun-172017 2nd Rounder(Isaac Ratcliffe)Phoenix Coyotes2017 2nd Rounder(Filip Westerlund) + 2017 3rd Rounder(Nate Schnarr) + NYI 2017 4th Rounder(Noel Hoefenmayer)
24-Jun-172018 7th Rounder()Montreal Canadiens2017 7th Rounder(Cayden Primeau)

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